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VishwawalksDoe Lake Lookout, Frontenac Park


Here you will find a list of various trails including some of my own vishwawalks from corpus mundi (Thomasburg).  

Please check out my day walks section as well. The longer walks and the day walks can be mixed and matched depending upon your needs. I have broken the long walks into manageable lengths so walkers can adapt them to fit their ambitions, schedules, abilities, preferences and so on. 

Travels from corpus mundi may be of limited use to most walkers, as my walks cover varied terrain and often are not acknowledged trails. Some of my travels are on private land. I neither recommend nor dissuade you from such walks. You will have to develop your own philosophy as to what is ethical, legal and so on when it comes to traversing private land without permission.

Most of the descriptions of long trails here are partial. I only describe what I have experienced.



Walks radiating from corpus mundi (Thomasburg)

Bruce Trail1st section described: Queenston Heights to Decaw Falls (32.8 km)

Cataraqui Trail
— Napanee to Smith Falls (section before start described)

Flinton: The Pines — Lennox and Addington Forests

Ganaraska Hiking Trail Port Hope to Ganaraska Forest

Grand Junction Railroad —  Belleville to Madoc Junction

Great Lakes Waterfront Trail  — northern Lake Ontario shore

Hastings Heritage Trail — Glen Ross (north of Trenton) to Eldorado

K&P Trail  — Kingston northward

Lower Trent Trail —Trenton to Glen Ross, south-central. 22.4.km

Millenium TrailPrince Edward County Ontario, 45-kilometre railbed trail

Rideau Trail — Kingston to Ottawa, over 300 km; southern section described here

Trail of Two Lakes — south-central, near Madoc; Madoc Junction to Eldorado

Trans Canada Trail — central parts (mostly railbeds) described

United States

Appalachian Trail — inititial parts of trail described

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