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Corpus Mundi

Corpus mundi (the centre of the world) is, as everyone knows, Thomasburg, Ontario Canada. From here I saunter forth in all directions. These particular vishwawalks use roads, trails, railroads and frozen lakes as well as a bit of bushwhacking and general scrambling to get from A to B. They may be of interest to those who live near me, or to people considering similar adventures. As they spread, I find "local" gets redefined. For example, I link some of these random vishwawalks from corpus mundi to trails like the Rideau or the Ganaraska. If I could eventually stroll to, say, the Appalachian Trail, then I've got a link to the southern United States and beyond. Brazil, here I come!

As I mentioned elsewhere, they pass through parks and public places — and through private land. I neither advocate nor dissuade anyone in this sort of walking on land when you don't have the permission of the owner. It's up to you to decide what's legal, moral and so on. This is an issue for my "right to ramble" section.

 My only abiding rule is that I make as little mark on the countryside as possible.

Meanwhile, I build the legs of my trails bit by bit...

Some of the trails here have no links. I have chronicled them (as far as I've got), but have yet to organize photos, writings, etc. At present they sit in my drawer, waiting to be brought alive. As opposed to my more organized chronicling of named trails, my descriptions of these walks includes more personal details of the experiences of the particular day I walked.

Eastward Ho!
Thomasburg East 1: Thomasburg to Menzel Park, Central Ontario, Canada.
Thomasburg East 2: Menzel Park to Sydenham, Central Ontario, Canada

Thomasburg South

Thomasburg West

Thomasburg North

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Page created: February 3, 2009
Updated: October 8, 2009