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Walk Dude

He's rude and he's crude. 

He's walk dude.


Here's how the ratings work.

An indispensable requirement on starting for a journey is good humour, and a predisposition to be pleased and contented with what falls in your way.
— Charles Boner, Guide for Travellers, In the Plain and On the Mountain, (1876) p. 3

 Overall, I like varied walks, so I'm inclined to give highish rating to most good walks. However, what a "good walk" is depends on what you enjoy. There's a vast difference between a long, wild walk in the bush (bush-whacking, we call it around here — when you head out into the bush, following no trail) and a short and sedate urban walk.

I assume readers will take this into consideration when they see very different kinds of walks get the same walk dudes rating.

When appropriate, I also note whether a walk is easy, moderate or strenuous. An easy walk means you could take your toddler without much fuss. Moderate means a few hills and maybe a few slightly tough spots to negotiate (a stony dry bed, a marshy bit, a bit of a mild stream to ford, etc). Strenuous, means lots of ups and downs, some rough trail, perhaps a bit of mild climbing, some rock dancing over streams and so on.

The Ratings

Pretty boring.

Decent. Could have minor drawbacks.

Good place to visit. Lots to see.

Excellent walk. Long or short, it's great.

World class. Top of the line walk.


Walking With the Devil

There are some walks that are super boring, dangerous,  ugly or just plain evil. Unless you're connecting two walks to create a thread, you want to avoid these places.

I've created a little devil to denote such walks. I also use him alongside walk dude if there are particular dangers, like ATVs and the like.

 You won't see him too often. 

He's got a fine tee shirt on with 666 on his chest.

Speaking of devils, below is a painting by William Blake. It's in the Rosenbach Museum and Library in Philadelphia. Guess my devil will never make it into the museum.
The number of the beast is 666

 The Number of the Beast is 666.
William Blake.

The Number of the Beast is 666.
Peter R. Snell
(Compare and contrast Blake and Snell. Remember "childlike simplicity" can be effective. Possibly.)

Mr. CanoeheadI'm not sure about my devil, but Walk Dude would make a fine companion for Mr. Canoehead, who is featured on signs on canoe portages. He was also a character in an old CBC comedy group, the Frantics. The voiceover introducing the segment described him thus:
"Mr. Canoehead.
Once a mild-mannered insurance salesman
Who one day while portaging his aluminum     canoe in Algonquin Park 
Was suddenly hit by a giant bolt of lightning
(Yeeeow - I've been hit by lightning! You were hit by lightning!)
And had the canoe welded to his head
(You're right, it's stuck to your head!)
Mr. Canoehead,
Canada's Greatest Aluminum Crimefighter!
Brother of Ted (That's me!)
Our story continues..."
Mr. Canoehead would fight crimes. He'd stop criminals in their tracks by rotating his canoe wildly back and forth, shouting lines like, "Taste, gunwales!" reducing his foe to pulp. Here's a really rough YouTube of the first episode. Canadians! Learn your culture here. Everyone else! Groove on Canadian high culture.
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Page created: February 3, 2009