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Future Walks

Below are listed some walks I'd love to take. Descriptions range from brief "it's on the list" notes to detailed research that will help me and hopefully others enjoy the actual walk more. Part of the joy here is reaching back to past centuries and past walkers. If anyone chances to tackle these walks, I hope my notes will enhance their rambles.

From Paddington to Penzance: In the Footsteps of C.G. Harper

These are fairly detailed notes using the text and the Internet to generally follow the path of 19th century walker Charles G. Harper from London to Land's End. They are incomplete. I am slowly wending my way out of London at present and am lingering somewhere west of Richmond.

Without actually doing the walk, these notes are as complete as they'll ever be from Paddington to Richmond. Here research ends until there are enough spaces in work and walking to continue.

Much of the fun of this walk is unravelling Harper, who can be obscure at times. He makes passing references to things and events that are no longer commonly known — or perhaps never were. Harper takes a carriage at the outset, then a steamer, followed by a rowboat. We may take any of these and more as well as side amusements, but be assured the object is to walk the entire route.

For convenience, I refer to Harper at times as "H."

1. Introduction The project explained. Who is Harper? Distances.

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In 1980, I performed in the Scottish Play at the annual Ludlow Shakespearean festival. I wish I had more time to ramble then. As it was, I only just got away to take a quick tour to see the Stiperstones. Here's a BBC video of what I saw. If that ain't enough to make you buy a direct ticket to Ludlow and then to the Stiperstones, I don't know what is. Here's the Wikipedia description.

The Stiperstones are contained in a National Nature Reserve. You can take an 8-kilometre trail through the area, that includes the Stiperstones, as described here.

A series of circular walks are described in the Bog Visitor Centre Stiperstones. I haven't tested any of them, but having lived in Shropshire for a short time, I would gamble that they are at the five walking-dude level. I'm sure the bog is worthy of a place in this site's funky places pages, so I'm itching to go there.

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I have done some very preliminary research on Ghandi's Salt Walk. There's not a whole lot of information on it on the web. However, I have compiled a few funky links if nothing else that I should amplify sometime in the future. When, I don't know. Since I built the page in 2009 and only just grazed by it in October of 2013, it may be a while.

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Page created: February 3, 2009
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