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Ghandi's Salt Walk

A salt walk could be this two-hour performance piece of a walk, leaving a trail of salt (you'll have to suffer through a crappy trailer for a third-rate movie before the real excitement begins). Sort of like watching a fly on a window; interesting until you really have something to do.

It could be a religious band called Salt performing their piece called "Walk," or a coffee house in Vancouver.

Closer to the mark may be a potentially interesting walk in Spain near Los Mintisinos, described as a "salty walk" on this tantalizingly uninformative web page.

Getting even closer, it may be Bernie Meyer, dubbed "The American Ghandi," who preaches love and peace around the world.

But, really, I'm talking about Mahatma Ghandi's Salt Walk. In 1930, Ghandi walked from Amedabad to the sea to protest the British salt regulations, which required Indians to buy British salt at exorbitant prices. He was imprisoned for his efforts, but it got him closer to sainthood.

The walk runs from Amedabad to Dandi

By the way, if you want to build your own 17-foot effigy of Ghandi with his trusty walking staff, check this out. Read the the right-hand insert chronicling the artist's reenactment of the Salt Walk in Second Life, using a treadmill to do the 386- km (240-mile) trek.

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Page created: February 3, 2009