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moneymore road, yogi bear
This hilarious Yogi Bear statue sits at the entrance to a farm on the north side of the Moneymore Road. February 9, 2005

Photos: Thomasburg to Menzel Park

Moneymore Road farmhouse, north side.

This farmhouse (left), on the north side of Moneymore Road is one of the grander and older buildings. Recently, a number of newer houses have sprung up. February 9, 2005

Moneymore Orange Lodge

The old Moneymore Orange Lodge is pretty run down at this point. February 9, 2005

Burrows, Stewart & Milne (#30) woodstove

This is the Burrow, Stewart and Milne (#30) wood stove in the old Moneymore Orange Lodge.

moneymore road, cattle at carlton farms

Although the Moneymore Road is too
 straight for my tastes, it does have many distractions along the way. Here, cattle mull around their feed on the north side of the road. February 9, 2005

moneymore road, rocky field
It must have been tough for early settlers to work this rocky ground. Here a field can be used for cattle grazing but little more.
February 9, 2005

yellow gate, old cheese fctory road

A yellow gate on the north side of just after the first jog on Cheese Factory Lane. It's a beautiful section of the trail with a mixture of forest and field. 

cheese factory road, tire dump

Not far after the gate, the road jogs south again where there's an unsightly tire dump.

I've found too many of these unofficial dumps in my travels. Irresponsible landowners, passersby and so on feel it's their right to dump garbage in out-of-the-way places I've
run across cars, furniture, appliances and all manner of general rubbish in otherwise pristine places.

These tires had an almost sinister aspect when I walked this section in the early evening. After the beauty of the forest and the stillness of the winter day, the tires gave off an evil aura, as if some boorish goon was not far off in the bush waiting to dump more filth into the trees.

parks creek phillips road

When Cheese Factory Road (a road allowance) comes out at Naphan, Phillips Road continues southward. Parks Creek splits into two branches east of Phillips road. Left, the first branch winds eastward from Phillips Road.

parks creek, phillips road (2)

Here, the second branch of Parks Creek also winds eastward at a second bridge on Phillips Road.

barn, phillips road

This old barn just south of Parks Creek on Phillips Road is gracefully returning to the earth. My father, an
avid photographer of old barns, would have loved this one. February 11, 2005 

maple sugar road looking west

Maple Sugar Road is an unopened road allowance that runs from Phillips Road to Daley Road. Just a short run up Daley Road leads to the back entrance of Menzel Park. February 11, 2005

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Page created: February 3, 2009