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menzel gate
The gate at the entrance to Menzel Park. February 11, 2009


Menzel Centennial Provincial Nature Reserve


menzel park sopporters sign
Signs and more signs.
A sign at the entrance to the park lists the major contributors. February 11, 2009.

Below right : The do's and don'ts of Menzel Park.
February 11, 2009

menzel park sign do's and don'ts
menzel park, old shack

menzel park, description on sign
This sign describes the park and its wetlands.  An excellent brochure, which you can pick up in a little box below the sign, gives more detailed descriptions.  February 11, 2009

menzel park, boardwalk and signThe boardwalks at Menzel Park were officially opened in
 2008. They make the walk to Mud Lake much easier. The
 park is divided into seven sections. The wooded  wetland features white cedar and other trees that like  damp climes. Below, the shrub fen looked bleak on an
 unusually mild but foggy February afternoon.
 February11, 2009
menzel park, boardwalk, shrub fen
menzel park, sign at Mud Lake
Above: At Mud Lake, a sign describes what you are looking at. February 11, 2009

Menzel Park, Pete and Ziggy meesing about
Mud Lake, looking south. Peter and Ziggy messing about. Carol Snell photo. February 13, 2005

menzel park, looking up mud lake creek, with Carol
Mud Lake Creek running into the lake from the west side. Carol, waving in photo. In 2005, Carol (my wife), our dog and I  walked through a trail made through the tall grass, then along the frozen creek to reach this point. (See vishwawalks, Thomasburg East for more details on this.) February 13, 2005

menzel park - construction equipment, back gate
Various construction equipment was scattered about a clearing by a small lake near the back gate of the park. February 13, 2005

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Thomasburg East vishwawalk, with more description of this reserve

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Page created: February 11, 2009
Updated: February 15, 2009