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Abandoned buildings

east of napanee, ontario: "No, no no, you will not pass"
Sign, County Road #2, east of Napanee, Ontario, Canada.

This discussion and exploration of abandoned buildings is an invitation to expand a history that is disappearing before us. It is also a chronicle of the (non-organic) detritus of our civilization and in some cases a sad comment on our throw-away society. To walk these places is to begin to understand our collective psyche and (for me at least) it is a vital part of vishwawalking.

These pages simply outline my adventures. In no way should they be construed as an invitation to follow. These kinds of journeys are taken after you consider what you are comfortable with and what is safe. Certainly, you should view these buildings from a distance. Beyond that, I offer no advice; you're on your own.

A sensible approach to the legal aspects of entering abandoned buildings, with accent on laws in Ontario, Canada, can be found at an urban exploration site.

Those who do this kind of exploring should never take any "souvenirs"; that's theft. Also, explorers don't need crowbars or any tools that destroy. There's destruction enough about. No need to add to it.

Here's an interesting site that investigates urban spaces

The investigation:

Dow/O'Keefe Brewery, Montreal, Quebec
Ernestown railway station, west of Kingston, south west of Odessa, just east of County Road #4.
Lakefield Cement Factory, Lakefield Ontario
Marlbank cement factory, Marlbank, Ontario, east of Tweed, north of Napanee
Marmora Mine (Marmoraton), Marmora, Ontario
Marmora Quarry, Marmora, Ontario
Nicholson File, Port Hope
Prince Edward Heights, Picton, Ont., south of Belleville. Abandoned "mental" institution.

Other links:
Check individual building pages for links to other adventurers' particular experiences.

Whew! Check out The Kingston Lounge. It lists all manner of abandoned buildings, mostly around New York. There are some amazing pictures here. I particularly appreciate the intelligent approach of its owner, who describes his activities as "guerrilla preservation and urban archaeology."

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Page created: May 25, 2009
Updated: October 24, 2021