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style, alton road on north side
A style on Alton Road at the beginning of the northward trail across fields to Freeman Road.
February 16, 2009


Rideau Trail

Photos: Kingston to Frontenac Park

1. Kingston

2. North of Kingston

3. Sydenham to Gould Lake Conservation Area

sydenham lake, skating  

Left:Skating on Sydenham Lake. A short side trip toward
the lake at
Point Road is a must.
February 16, 2009


sydenham, football score sign

The Sydenham Golden Eagles have their football field by the lake, just off Point Road.
February 16, 2009

sydenham lake dam

Sydenham Lake dam, looking east, standing on the lake, and looking east at the start of Millhaven Creek (as seen from the George Street bridge).
February 16, 2009

Sydenham Lake dam, looking west from George Street

Millhaven Creek looking west, standing on the the George Street bridge.
February 16, 2009

sydenham, municipal buildings and library

Sydenham municipal buildings and the North Frontenac

Sydenham is well worth exploring. It's a mixture of upscale and downscale, with little houses on some of the sidestreets balancing the grander ones farther out. Some of the main street is pretty bland, but there are some interesting stores shuffled into the mix. The downtown streets meet at interesting angles.
February 16, 2009

Sydenham, I love you bear

A house on George Street in Sydenham. This photo was taken two days after Valentine's Day. The I Love You bear was having trouble staying upright after two days of forced air up its backside.
February 16, 2009

north of Sydenham, cattail  

Once up Swizer Road from Portland Street in Sydenham, a pleasant rutted road leads north. Just before it reaches Alton Road it crosses over a little creek (left). A lone cattail stands guard over the scrubby marsh.
February 16, 2009

barn, north of Alton Road
A little barn/outbuilding a couple of fields north of Alton Road. With the dying  day, even with the February sun, the evening brings on the cold.

walk dudestyle, north of alton road

Several styles in this section make getting over fences easier. Note the trail triangle advising walkers to turn left. If you look closely, you'll see the yellow tip on the triangle, which means it's directing southbound walkers.

February 16, 2009February 16, 2009valley of escarpment from Freeman Road

If you take a short detour just where the trail leaves Freeman Road, you'll dip sharply down into the fault to where the road crosses the marshy lowlands. As you stand there, imagine the valley stretching at least 100 kilometres to the south and north.


freeman road escarpment, boombox in water
north of Freeman Road, looking down escarpment incline

A boom box stuck in the ice
 makes a weird anomaly at the
 edge of the marsh.
 Photos: February 16, 2009


It's hard to get a good image of the sharp drop to the valley floor, especially on the drab day I ventured forth. However, the white bit in the foreground is virtually straight down. That's one of the channels of the creek winding through at the bottom of the valley.
knowlton lake, steep climbFebruary 20, 2009

There are several steep climbs along this stretch, either up rock cliffs or over little gullies. This is a stretch that is not appropriate for little children and if you take older kids take extreme care. In area like this in the winter it's hard to see what's underfoot. As I mentioned elsewhere, my expedition poles were very handy on this walk. February 20, 2009

near knowlton lake

This section of the trail is well marked. The yellow tips indicate that the triangle is for southbound walkers. The different angles of the triangles indicate which way the trail is heading.

Follow the triangles and you won't get turned around. You'd have to work to get lost on this bit of the trail.
February 20, 2009

rideu trail, street signs by gould lake road

As you reach the road and walk out toward Gould Lake Road, you'll come to this juncture. Everett Lane leads to cottages on Knowlton Lake. Cottage Road is the lane you've just come down. Ahead of you is Gould Lake Road. Eight hundred metres from this spot, you'll be at the gates to the Gould Lake Conservation Area.

rideau trail, gates to gould lake conservation area

 A sign (out of the picture to the left) and these gates announce the entrance to Gould Lake Conservation Area. Shortly after you pass through these gates, the trail angles off to the right.
Photos: February 20, 2009

4. Gould Lake Conservation Area — See this separate page for description and photos

5. Frontenac Park — See this separate page for description and photos

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Page created: February 20, 2009