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Vanderwater: An Ice and Water Essay

  I love the constant changes of spring. These photos show a little falls at Vanderwater Park near my home and the seasonal creek that eventuially flows to the Moira River I'll add to these photos as the seasons change.


The first photo of the falls, taken on February 10, 2013. We had a lot of snow. Everything's frozen up tight. But then, fast-forward a month and a few days to...


March 13, 2013. The temperature has been well above freezing for a few days.

The little spring creeks are starting to flow and there's a lot of mossy green showing. It's still possible to walk on frozen ponds, but it's getting dicier.

Then it drops below freezing overnight and hangs in around freezing all day on March 14...


March 14, 2013.  Compare with yesterday's photo and notice the cascade of ice crystals at the edge of the falls. Very beautiful. Tomorrow? Who knows.

Vanderwater little falls

March 16, two days later with colder weather, there;'s a sheet of ice covering the falls. With the water flowing under it, the ice constantly changes hue.


Meanwhile, below the falls, endless little vignettes of incredible beauty reveal themselves to anyone willing to sit and watch for a while. Here, little icicles below a rock that juts over the stream look like the teeth of some mossy monster. (March 14, 2013)

April 17, 2013. Waterfall, Vanderwater Park

April 17, 2013: The water is flowing, with three separate streams (the smallest is off to the left out of the picture. This is the peak of its glory.


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Page created: April 28, 2013