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Plants and Animals

poison ivy
Poison ivy on the Rideau Trail

I'd been planning a page for a while involving plants and animals, but shying away because I'm no expert in this area. However, an email from Rachel, a volunteer at Yosmite Park in California suggested a "Hiker's Guide to Poisonous Plants" article to me which I think every hiker should read.

The above page is very useful as it contains an overview with numerous links to other pages offering more detail on various plants.

I avoid poison ivy like the plague, with memories of the stuff on my arms and legs as a child. I haven't had it in years, but I have a healthy respect for it. Not to alarm walkers, but even a scan of this page, titled "Contact poisonous plants of the world." gives a wide overview of the deadly to the bothersome. It includes stinging nettles, which grow in my area of southern Ontario and are simply a bother and easily avoided.

So I've made a start. I'll add to this page as I get inspired, or as people like Rachel drop me a line with suggestions.


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Page created:  April 5, 2013
Updated: September 8, 2021