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Prince Edward Heights, front of the main building

Prince Edward Heights

Photos, Page 2

Prince Edward Heights, dance bar mirror
Blinds in a bedroom window in the main building

Prince Edward Heights, hall double doorsPrince Edward Heights, main stariway
Prince Edward Heights, eroding art
Prince Edward Heights, wooden wall panels


 Top left: Wooden banisters on the main stairway in the centre  of the building.

 Top right: Wooden doors in a hallway leading to the east wing.

 Left: Decaying material artwork in the eastern section, which
 seemed to focus on recreational activities.

 Right: Rich wood panels in a once-fine carpeted room in the  eastern  section.

Prince Edward Heights, dance bar mirrorPrince Edward Heights, decorated hallway

Prince Edward Heights, basketabll floor markings, gymPrince Edward Heights, climbing aparatus, in the gym


Left: a room with mirrors. It looks like the metal  pipes are rudimentary dance bars.

Prince Edward Heights, basketball net in gym  Above, right: the painted walls in the east wing    attempt to minimize the institutional feel.

Prince Edward Heights, weights in the gym

Prince Edward Heights,air conditioning
Prince Edward Heights,air conditioning gauge

Prince Edward Heights,air conditioning room

Prince Edward Heights, air conditioning

Seven pictures above:

Top left: Markings of a basketball court in the gym.   Top right: Climbing apparatus in the gym.

Top left middle: basketball net in the gym.   Middle: pressure machine in air conditioning room.

Middle far right: weights in the gym.   Bottom middle left: pressure gauger in air conditioning room.

Immediately above, left: Air conditioning room at the top of the building. The picture to the right of that is the office in the air conditioning room, looking like somebody just stepped out for a moment. manuals are still open on the desk.

Prince Edward Heights, stairs leading down from the roofPrince Edward Heights, elevator shaft, roof buildingPrince Edward Heights, elevator motor, top of building
 Up on the roof:
 Far left: the stairs down from the roof.
 Middle: the building at the top of the elevator shaft.
 Right: the elevator engine inside the top building.  Again papers were lying around as if someone just  stepped out.

Prince Edward Heights, view from the roof looking eastPrince Edward Heights,view from the roof looking at the small building
Left: Looking east over the rooftops, giving an idea of the cluster of buildings. The perspective is deceptive here: in the foreground, over the edge of the roof, is the connecting hall between buildings. There's actually a  space between the two wings.

Right: Looking westward toward the town of Picton. The smaller building (see photos below is visible through the trees.

Prince Edward Heights, grottoPrince Edward Heights, grotto

Moving outside: A little "grotto" on the front side of the main building — perhaps a little place for patients to relax. Right, the same grotto from an upper-story window.
Prince Edward Heights,gazebo  

  A little gazebo a the east end

Prince Edward Heights, small building, outside

The front of the small building. Trees all around make it hard to get a good straight-on shot. The trees around the building look good; it doesn't look like an institutional building.
Prince Edward Heights, desks in small building

Prince Edward Heights, kitchen in small building
Prince Edward Heights,windows in small buildingPrince Edward Heights, furnace in small building

Top left: A couple of rooms in the smaller building were filled with stacks of abandoned desks.

Top Right: the kitchen area in the small building. There's lots of stainless steel sitting idle here.

Right: the furnace room in the smaller building.

Prince Edward Heights, truck
Prince Edward Heights,truck bed with grass
This old truck sits by the warehouse/garage at the east end. Look closely at the truck bed:
someone needs to mow the lawn here.

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Walked: May 25, 2009
Page created: June 18, 2009