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Prince edward heights, long shot from road

Prince Edward Heights

Photos, Page 1

Prince Edward Heights, hallPrince Edward Heights, stairs
Prince Edward Heights, basement

Above: An institution is nothing without its endless halls and stairs.

Left: The basement is a no-go unless you have a good pair of waders.

prince Edward Heights, multiple bathsPrince Edward heights, tub sink
Prince Edward Heights, bathtubPrince Edward Heights, bathtub
Prince Edward heights, toiletPrince Edward Heights, washroom sinks
Prince Edward Heights, examination roomPrince Edward Heights, sink
Prince Edward Heights, don't use bathrooms
Above: A few takes on bathtubs, sinks and toilets.

Middle left: A rubble-filled toilet (but please observe the sign on the left).

Middle right: Two washroom sinks for patients.

Bottom left: What appears to be an examination room. 

Bottom right: A sink with shower hose still attached.

Prince Edward Heights, soup tureenPrince Edward Heights, soup tureen


 This huge soup tureen sits idle in the   kitchen.

Prince Edward Heights, hall to the west wing
Prince Edward Heights, furnace room pipes
Prince Edward Heights, loading dock

Above left: a single hallway joins the main building with the west wing.

Above right: pipes in the furnace room.

Left: The loading dock.

Below left: A first Aid box in the furnace room.

Below right: An upper-floor mini-kitchen.

Prince Edward Heights, furnace room 1st aid box
Prince Edward Heights, mini kitchen on upper floor
Prince Edward Heights, wallPrince Edward Heights, bedroom
Left: One side of an upper-floor bedroom. Right: some of the flaking paint look like a three-dimensional maps.

Prince Edward Heightsm, antiseptic machinePrince Edward Heights, antiseptic machinePrince Edward Heights, antiseptic machine

 Three takes on a machine that probably sterilized  equipment. The two sides of the machine are in  different rooms.

The buttons read as follows:
 Green — ready; Orange — heat; Yellow — sterilize;  Purple — exhaust; Blue — dry; Blue-green — sterile.  The white buttons read, from left to right: unwrapped,  wrapped, liquids, manual. The left-hand gauge goes  from 170 to 280  degrees Fahrenheit. In the centre of  the gauge is a timer of some sort.

Prince Edward Heights, workshop

Left: The workshops, where I assume much of the training took place.

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Walked: May 25, 2009
Page created: June 18, 2009