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1) Tweed to Highway #62

rr sign

An old railway marker, on the north side of the

  trail between Douglas Road and Drag Lake.

trans can snowmobiles

Snowmobiles on the trail can sneak up on you, especially in the early evening in a snowfall. It's  good idea to get completely off the trail as the snowmobiles kick up a lot of snow. If two snowmobiles or more are travelling together, those behind may not see you until the last second because of the snow; it's best to stand ten feet off the trail and play like a deer; they won't see you at  all. If it wasn't for the nasty sound, which wrecks the ambiance, they almost look  graceful — until they careen past you. Unfortunately the smell they leave behind will stick with you.

caution log truck

trans canada trail-marsh

Marshland stretches off on both sides of the trail west of Drag Lake. This photo, looking north, was taken at dusk on a snowy evening. A solitary walk has a mournful but beautiful aspect about it amidst the quiet, the falling snow and the failing light ...

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Photos: January 17,18,30, 2009
Page created February 3, 2009

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