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Henry David Thoreau


This version of "Walking" is extracted from a collection of Thoreau’s essays entitled Excursions, Houghton and Mifflin Company, the Riverside Press, Cambridge, Boston and New York, 1909. pp 251 to 304. It is Vol. 9 in The Writings of Henry David Thoreau, Riverside Edition.

I have preserved all the idiomatic punctuation, etc., —.including the lovely commas and  long em dashes like this, —  and the page numbers are noted. Typing (er, keyboarding) is a tiresome thing. I’ve been as meticulous as possible, but mistakes will be made. Corrections will be gracefully accepted.

            Below, I have written a brief introduction and you’ll see some footnotes in the text. Both can safely be ignored if you want to simply revel in the words of Thoreau. The footnotes are like having to have all the history of the area before actually taking a walk. However, some may be curious to know the meaning of a Latin phrase, or who a forgotten individual was.


The text of "Walking."

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