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vanderwater-sign- "spring"
At the bottom of the ravine near the rapids ("Flat Rock") is an old sign to a spring. The spring is still there, but authorities advise against drinking the water.
December, 2008
Update: There were once several signs directing you to the spring. Most of these signs have been removed. You might still find one if you look carefully. (2021)

The Nature Trail




Vanderwater Park

Vanderwater Park, parking lot tunnel

VanderwaterPark, tunnel at parking lot

Alright, I'll admit you won't see this every winter. In 2008, the snow banks in the Vanderwater parking lot were so high, I took a shovel and created a "tunnel" to the start of a trail. It was well over seven feet tall. I took pictures of people in the tunnel and kids loved it. Unfortunately the snow plow operator didn't. At the next snowfall, he destroyed it with a vengeance, plowing extra snow into the hole. It was fun while it la
sted. Any takers for tunnel building next year? February 15, 2008

Vanderwater Park, goshawk nest

For at least two years, a goshawk has made Vanderwater its home. In the spring of 2008, it was starting a family in this nest close to the parking lot. Unfortunately the nest has disappeared. Hopefully the goshawks will return. Goshawks have a distinctive warning cry. If people come too close to the nest, they will dive bomb while making their cry, coming within inches of  heads. The nest was close to the trail, so some unwary walkers got a shock.  April 13, 2008

Click here for images of goshawks.

vanderwater - shelter on trail.

There are a couple of shelters along the trail. This one is on the green trail; the other is on the red trail. Just beyond this shelter, the trail curves to the right and goes up a hill. In the valley on the other side of the hill, I've often seen deer when I am quiet.
December, 2008

vanderwater nature trail sign

The beginning of the Nature Trail, just after the pond near the entrance. Unfortunately, a decision was made to pull up both the rotten and sound planks on the nature trail. It has made it definitely more difficult to negotiate.
December, 2008.

These signs are no longer here, but you can still walk much of the "Nature Trail." 

Vanderwater park, snow-laden branches

An evening walk in winter has its rewards. Here, the whole cedar forest was in a beautiful monochrome. The flash doesn't tell the full story. In fact, the whole forest is filled with a kind of glow from the snow. It's a "you have to be there" moment.
February 15, 2008

vanderwater stream nature trail 

Left; A foots-eye view of one of the sections of a stream
to lure the unwary boot. On this snowy night in
 the early
evening, my flash captures a bit of the mystery of
 a stream
poking through the snow in mid-winter.

This was on part of the "Nature Trail." It's still quite possible to negotiate this part if you have a bit of adventure in you.

Vabnderwater Park, nature trail, natural archway

Right:The Nature trail. Here the path goes under trees that lean over the trail making a natural arch. The wet ground eventually is too much for larger trees. This is a fascinating section of the trail, which allows you (precariously these days) a glimpse into the middle of a swamp area. February 15, 2008

April, 2021: This section is quite gnarly these days. Beware!
Vanderwater park, woods shot, evening, snowing, nature trail

Right: Nature trail, a snowy woods, early eveningFebruary 9, 2008

April 2021: The Nature Trail is a challenge these days. I've never met a soul on it. It's a bit buggy and wet in the summer. 

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Page created: February 3, 2009
Updated: April 9, 2021