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marmoraton, conveyor belt
The end of a conveyor belt on the start to the top.


Marmora Mine

marmoraton, petermarmoraton, the viewing cage seen from the inside

Above: The viewing cage, seen from heights of the abandoned building. If you only go this far, it's still worth the trip.
Right: Me, just after crawling down the little hole under the conveyor behind me.

marmoraton, ore bays

The bays to hold the ore.


marmoraton, cylindermarmoraton, back hoe

A large cylindrical container, that probably once stood on its end

marmoraton, stairs up
marmoraton, stairs up

A rusting backhoe has seen better days.

Right: The ramp to the top of the building runs beside the conveyor.
Below: the same ramp looking down.

marmoraton, steps looking down

: The lake from the high building.

marmoraton, lake from high building
marmoratron, steps up from below

Below: Bits of a little room below ground.
marmoratron, little room below ground
marmoratron, rusting pipes in little room below ground

Above: rusting pipes in the little room below ground

In the larger building, a shaft continues for about 30 feet below ground. The steps above (seen looking from below) lead down to a little cement room with a few inches of water on the floor (below left). In the far corner of the room there is a stairway leading upward to the smaller building. By pushing the fill light far too much in the photograph below right, the dark corner reveals the stairs.

marmoratron, room below, with stairs (overdone fill light)
marmoratron, floor of little room below ground

Below: conveyor rollers in the little room below ground.

marmoraton, conveyor rollers, little room below

 These rollers are part
 of the conveyor system
 in the shaft that runs
 under the ground to
 the smaller building.

marmoraton, fellow explorers

I explored the shaft below ground with these three fellow explorers from Peterborough, Ontario. The middle guy is pointing to the little crawl space we had to negotiate to get to the shaft. I never did get their names.
marmoraton, two guys and ball

Left: This strange looking ball is in the smaller building, directly over the little room at the end of the shaft we explored.

 Below: Near the abandoned buildings and to the east are piles of talc, which are part of the operating mill next door to the mine.

marmoraton, piles of talc

Marmoraton, lake view from the high building
The lake, looking south from the high building. The quarry is in the background. Some years ago "Spider" Hastings, a local punk rocker in his seventies who is now unfortunately dead, envisioned a rock concert here, with a stage floating in the middle of the lake. I'm not sure if he investigated how you would keep audience members from toppling off the cliff.

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 Page created: May 12, 2009
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