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Marlbank Cement Factory

Marlbank hotel

The Marlbank Tavern in downtown Marlbank (no connection to the cement plant ruins!) has a colourful history of its own. The original hotel was created in 1905. A couple of fires have beset the building, but it has risen from the ashes — hence it's present name. 


Matlbank cement plant, ruins

marlbank cement plant, bolts


 Left: Bolts embedded in an eroding cement wall.
 Above: The cement outer walls are all that remain of a building.

Marlbank cement plant, brick walls of large silo remains

The brick foundations of a silo or kiln. A small brick kiln sits beside a shack on the property (see the photo on the main  Marlbank page). However, these large foundations are all that remain of a larger structure.

Marlbank cement plant, stone trench
Marlbank cement plant, stone wall of a trecnch

Left: it's hard to see for the undergrowth, but there are several trenches or ditches running through the site.
Right: A closer look at some of the stonework in a trench.

Marlbank cement plant, cement walls
marlbank cement plant, brick silo
marlbank cement plant, brick inlaid over window

Above left: cement walls.

Above right: a brick silo wall sunk into the ground.

Left: Brick inlay over what was once a window.

Marlbank cement plant, brick oven
marlbank cement plant, cement slabs inside building

Left: a brick oven. Right: In the same building in front of the oven, were several slabs of cement on their sides.

marlbank cement plant, tin item
Marlbank cement plant, six standing kilns

Above: a tin contraption lying on the ground near the ruins. I've no idea what it is.

Right: The six standing silos were hard to photograph, as the trees and undergrowth were crowding in.

marlbank cement plant, single cement silo
Marlbank cement plant, eroding side of silo

  Left; a single silo.

  Above right: close-up of an eroding section of the   silo.

Marlbank cement plant, silos seen from the top

Left, top: Two of the silos, looking from the top.

Left, bottom: Looking down into one of the silos.
Marlbank cement plant, inside a silo

Getting the two shots to the left was a bit hairy. I had to climb a very skinny cedar tree growing close to the silo. Then, as I swayed in the breeze, clutching the silo side and hoping my camera would not disappear into the silo, I tried to take a steady picture.

The inside of the silo was remarkably clear of detritus. The silo beside this one had several trees growing out of it.

Marlbank cement plant, back of brick kiln
Marlbank cement plant, inside brick kiln

Left: the back side of the kiln. Right: Inside the kiln; the hole drops below the surface of the ground.

Marlbank cement plant, shed on north side (cement roof)Marlbank cement plant, inside roof of shed, cement

On the north side of the road from the ruins, there's an old shed that still appears to be used. The roof is made of cement; in fact, everything but the window frames and some metal roof rafters is cement. Above, the inside of the roof. It's not something I'd want to hang about under for too long, wondering if a huge chunk was about to land on my head. Right, the outside, showing the thickness of the roof and chimney.

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Walked: May 17, 2009
Page created: May 17, 2009
Updated: March 3, 2013
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