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Marmora, Naylor's Common, 17 sign
A tree has grown around this "17" sign at Naylor's Common , an indication of the neglect this little park has suffered.


Naylor's Common Wetland and Trails

Total trails: very roughly 1.3 kilometres, if you can find them
Marmora, Naylor's Commons signThe trails here are in dire need of attention. There is (apparently) a yellow trail, a green trail a blue trail and a red trail, if the little squares on trees are anything to go by.

Nevertheless, if you're in Marmora and want a quick picnic, there's a picnic table near the parking lot.

For a walk, I'd suggest trying to follow the red trail, which follows the marsh. From the parking lot just off Highway #7, as you face the marsh, go left and try to follow the dots/squares. They'll lead you for about two thirds of a kilometre, at which point you'll hit Mary Street, east of a little bridge.

I found no information on this little park on the Internet beyond a remark in the minutes of a 2007 Marmora Council meeting noting that the Ministry of Natural Resources Junior Rangers were going to do some work on the trails. I guess they never got around to it.
Marmora, naylor's common, red square on dead tree
There are other trails lurking in the bush. If you head left (away from the marsh) at a blue circle, you can find a little stretch of grass between suburban residences, leading to a road. This trail will head back in the same direction as the red trail and you'll come out on Mary Street. In fact, if you want to make this a little loop, take the red trail, walk east a very short stretch and dive back into the woods when you see a double-track path. Keep an eye out for a sharp left turn as you reach the apex of a knoll. If you miss this, you'll head off into someone's back yard. In general, because of the lack of trails, just wander about and you'll figure it out.
A red trail sign lies on a fallen dead tree: more signs of neglect

Now... the real adventure is the Marmora Quarry on the other side of Mary Street. The quarry looms up as you approach Mary Street. It was a surprise adventure for me as I had planned a short and  simple nature walk  It's a separate tale for my "Get Lost" section, and not an acceptable trek for many walkers.

Marmora, Naylor's Marshland
Naylor's Marshland, seen from the heights of the Marmora Quarry.

Location: From the Highway #7 and County Road #14 crossroads in downtown Marmora, head east on #7 for just over 600 metres. The park is on the right (south) side. There's a little parking lot down a short drive.

Rating: There's really not enough here to rate. It's a good spot for a leg stretch. The marsh has lots of birds and little animals busy going about their business. I saw signs of beaver, a number of smaller birds, and a few Canada Geese.

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Walked: May 5, 2009
Page created: May 6, 2009