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Canada's National Parks

Point Pelee National Park

External Links for the National Parks of Canada (Parks Canada)

 Parks Canada home page. The Parks Canada descriptions of parks on their website are excellent.

Aulavik National Park (Parks Canada site)

12,274 square kilometres on Banks Island, the most westerly island in the Canadian Arctic archipelago. This park is about as far north as you can go to hike. Check out the Google map of the park. The park was established in 1992.

As it's tundra, the landscape is very open and the Parks Canada site indicates that you can hike pretty well anywhere. However, there are absolutely no facilities and you have to plan a hike and bring everything you need with you.

The best hiking time is late June to mid-August. Because the sun never sets, you can hike any time of day or night. The open landscape means you are guaranteed to view all kinds of wildlife.

To get there you have to charter a flight. The Parks Canada site lists charter companies. The same page has maps along with rules and suggestions for flying in and out of the park.

The "serene" Thomsen river cuts through the park for 225 kilometres. It's the most northern navigable river in Canada.

Link to Wikipedia site, which has good general and historical information.

Point Pelee National Park of Canada (Parks Canada site)

This is one of Canada's smallest national parks. It is made up of 15 square kilometres and is seven kilometres long and 3.5 kilometres wide at the northern part, tapering to a point in the south.

The park has 12 kilometres of "self-guided trails."

Click here for a more detailed Vishwawalking description.

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Page created: April 28, 2009