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Tyendinaga, railway bed, abandoned cottage
An old wrecked cottage, with its picture windows strangely facing away from the lake., which is in the background. March 8, 2008


Ontario Lakefront Trail

title Photos: Napanee to Belleville

Tyendinaga, abandoned railway, apple treeTyendinaga, gate, abandoned railway, east of Norway's Road

Above left: An old apple tree, just east of Airport and Hickory roads on the abandoned rail bed. There are a few trees lining the trail here. Last year's apples lie rotting on the ground, giving a touch of colour in the monochromatic spring landscape.

Right: A gate just to the north of the abandoned rail line, I imagine to allow passage for humans but not cattle without the use of a ramp. There were signs of cattle here. East of Norway's Road.  March 8, 2009

Tyendinaga, abandoned railway, the Quinte Bay Contract Flooring building

 The Quinte Bay Contract  Flooring building has
 been built square in the
 middle of the abandoned
 line, on a little lane leading
 to a large house to the
 south by the water.
 March 8, 2009

dilapidated cottage

inside abandoned cottage

Between Norway's Road and Great Oak Lodge Lane is an inlet, with a stream coming into the lake. The lake ice was still strong enough to get me around the creek, but later in the season, the only way to get around this section is from the Ridge Road bridge, just a couple of minutes to the north.

The cottages here are in rough shape. Some of the "complexes" (see immediately below) make for interesting shapes. March 8, 2009
Tyendinaga, old cottages, abandoned rail lineTyendinaga, abandoned railway, old cottage
Tyendinaga, abandoned rail bed, garbage
This is a sight  I see too often on my    travels; humans have a way of taking a  beautiful spot and fouling it up. East of  Great Oak Lodge Lane.
 Immediately to
the west is the grand old  oak, below left,  spreading (or rather,  falling) across the trail, desperately trying  to disguise the mess from eastward  walkers.

 Below right, an old plow
returning to the  earth, on the trail east of Great  Oak Lodge  Lane. March 8, 2009
 March 8, 2008
Tyendinaga, abandoned railway, old oakTyendinaga, east of Great Oak Lodge lane, old plow
Tyendinaga, abandoned railway, east of Great Oak Lodge lane, log bridge
 A log bridge makes crossing  this stream east of great Oak  Lodge Road possible. Without  it, I expect crossing this  section would be impossible,  at least in the spring. Not far to  the north, there is a house,
 with horses in the field, where  passage might be possible, but going too close to the  property without permission  would not be neighbourly.
 March 8, 2009.

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Page created: March 8, 2009