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"In marching with a pack, one's foot lengthens about half an inch every time his weight is thrown on it, and broadens nearly as much. And after hiking some distance the feet begin to swell.

"The only way to ensure a good fit is to put on thick socks, pick up a weight equal to the load you are to carry, slip a tape measure under the sole, then throw your whole weight on that foot, and have someone do the measuring. Then, the other foot similarly; for in many cases the two differ. Have the shoe made a half inch longer than the foot measurement, and wide enough to give a snug but easy fit over the ball when poised as above. Around the heel it should be snug enough to prevent slipping and chafing." (Horace Kephart, Camping and Woodcraft, 1906, revised 1921, p. 150.)

"It's generally estimated that every pound [0.45 kilograms] of weight in your boots is the equicvalent in energy expenditure of adding 5 pounds [2.27 kilograms] to your back. Lifting your feet up for thousands of steps each day takes a lot of energy." Rick Curtis, The Backpacker's Field Manual, 2005)

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Page created: June 26, 2009