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Mr John Gerretsen (Kingston and The Islands): I have a petition signed here by 3,968 residents of Ontario, in two binders, addressed to the Honourable Lieutenant Governor and the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

"We, the following undersigned citizens of Ontario, beg leave to petition the Parliament of Ontario as follows:

"Whereas the Minister of Community and Social Services has announced the closure of Prince Edward Heights, a first-rate community-based facility for developmentally disabled adults; and

"Whereas Prince Edward Heights is not an institution in the traditional sense and is a community in and of itself for those who reside there; and

"Whereas the care provided at Prince Edward Heights is of a specialized nature requiring highly trained, skilled and dedicated staff; and

"Whereas alternate services and supports that would meet the needs of the clients of Prince Edward Heights are not in place in the community; and

"Whereas these clients have lived at Prince Edward Heights for up to 25 years and have developed many important friendships and relationships; and

"Whereas the clients of Prince Edward Heights have no desire to leave their home community to be repatriated to a community that they have no relationship with; and

"Whereas the economy of Prince Edward county will be devastated by the planned closure of Prince Edward Heights;

"Therefore, be it resolved that we, the undersigned residents of Ontario, demand that the decision to close Prince Edward Heights be revoked and that the clients of Prince Edward Heights be allowed to continue living with dignity, stability and without threat in the community that they call their home."

I have affixed my signature to it.

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